I have been reading the new self love articles on here and they have inspired me to give the tips I've been using on my self-love journey that I am currently on.

-Speak it into existence
The first step to accomplishing something is to acknowledge the goal itself and in a positive manner. Whenever I think to myself "I want to do that" I follow it with saying "speak it into existence" meaning before you even figure out what you have to do to reach that goal, you need to know you want that goal. Let yourself know you want it.

-Take breaks
I believe that you do not always have to accomplish/finish something to reward yourself. If that was the case then we would always be stress, relaxed, stressed, relaxed and it would just be a cycle. You wouldn't ever really be relaxed because you'll know you have something else to finish and be stressed again. Take breaks and treat yourself without feeling guilty because you didn't finish what you needed to finish. As long as you know your deadlines, keep your head clear, and you will finish it.

-Do what makes you happy
This is something people always forget to do when focusing on improving daily life. Work harder but don't forget about that Netflix show. Change your diet but you won't stick to it if you don't have a bowl of your favorite ice cream once in a while. Hang out with your friends but don't feel like you have to. If you're happier staying home then you don't need to excuse yourself for that. Stay home. Do what makes you happy even if you think it doesn't "fit" what you are trying to do. Just know your breaking points and know when to pull yourself back and get back on track.

-Change things up
The biggest thing that may bring people down is repetitiveness That's why we all hate school and work because it is the same thing every day (on top of a lot of work). Try something different even if it's an extremely small change. Waking up earlier isn't as easy as it sounds so maybe wake up and do yoga/meditation for a bit so you don't feel like you have to jump up and get ready right away. Bring your favorite drink with you to school/work if you don't already. Put music on while you're getting ready instead of staying in bed on your phone. Any change works.

Love you all and I hope to make more articles in the future. x