Calling the ballroom eerie was an understatement. The light only provided a dim glow, and shrouded nearly everything in darkness. There were a few certain things that could be seen, such as the luxuriant curtains hanging from either gaping doorways, and parts of the black and white marble floor. However, it still struck Elena as odd that there was no occasion for the ball. (Except, perhaps for the black and white theme, that was.) For all Elena knew, it was a prank that required her to be genuinely frightened to death to serve as the purpose of entertainment on the internet. With that thought, it made the female more than just anxious. If this was placed during Halloween, things would have been more convenient, but no, it wasn't Halloween. In fact, it was mid-August.

It was supposed to be a normal day for Elena, not one where she was invited to a strange ball of which she had no clue as to who was hosting it. That, and Elena wasn't dressed for the occasion, for the event caught her off guard while she did her grocery shopping. It was when she sat back inside of her car, saw the envelope perched on her dashboard, and opened it to reveal cursive writing did a spark inside of her pop. Ever since she was a child, such out-of-the-blue situations made her chest thrum with the joy of an unknown adventure. Yet, she was nineteen now, not eight or eleven. She was much too old for imaginative scenarios.

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Still, treading as quiet as a mouse through the empty corridor, Elena pictured mystical beasts in the rooms. Perhaps fairies were floating right above her head, but invisible! Should there be any ghosts walking by her at that moment? Oh, the excitement that came with the imagery she used to conjure in her mind when she was little!

Then it came. The faintest of a hush. Or was it a whisper? Was it beckoning Elena over? If it was, where?

Elena slowly turned around. There was the shadow of a monster creeping at the back of her mind once she did a full one-eighty, but no such thing met her eyes. Not a ghastly breath, or a graze of something sinister touched her body.

So, where did that sound come from?

Elena looked to her left, and saw only windows that probably didn't have the ability to open. Then she frowned. Last she checked, when she parked her car outside the building, it was only four pm. The sun was still up, and it hadn't been long since she traveled down the foyer and ended up in the ballroom.

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No. As much as her inner self was hopping with excitement at the thought of adventuring around, she had a schedule to get to. Things were beginning to grow unsettling as well... Elena suddenly started to feel tired. She ate just fifteen minutes ago, and her stomach had growled. Also, was it just her, or did that chandelier become silver, not white? And weren't the candles glowing like pale angels?

With a short huff, the flames burst into the vibrant colours of blue, yellow, and orange-red. This made Elena gasp shortly, swallowing dryly after. She looked around herself once more and still, only saw open doorways that ominously resembled mouths waiting to devour her...

Frowning, Elena walked directly under the chandelier, and had her jaw drop open. Above her, the ceiling was no longer the dull shades of dark and light, but a glorious canvas of multiple colours! Openmouthed, the female looked to her left and right, and her eyes widened. The curtains that used to be like tendrils of midnight-black hair were now a glossy maroon. The floor, as well! The tiles were bordered with molten gold and filled in with liquid emerald, azure, royal purple! Surely, this wasn't happening! Had Elena stepped into some sort of fairytale?!

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No. If it were a fairy tale, she wouldn't be feeling so drained while all around her, magic really seemed to have climbed out of the walls and laid themselves out to be seen.

No. If it were a fairy tale, Elena's skin wouldn't have turned a deathly pale. Her nails wouldn't be inky black; and when she practically tripped over her own feet to stare into her reflection, she wouldn't appear to have been leeched of life...

The ballroom was no longer void of colour, but a whole mass of lively different shades of the rainbow.

Frankly, if it weren't for the horrendous result of Elena attending the so-called "ball," the sight would have been breathtaking. But no, oh no, Elena was a sacrifice. For when another figure appeared behind her shoulder, a vile smile smeared across the man's face. Elena had no strength to turn around. Her knees buckled, and she dropped to the floor. Following them were her arms when she attempted to keep herself up. The female was left to lay on her back, and stare with tears seeping down the edges of her eyes into the soulless windows of the man's face.

"Who knew you'd come, Elena. However, I suppose I half expected it, considering the fact that you were always the golden artist out of us all." The man kneeled down to her level, and grazed a hand over her doll-like skin complexion. When she swallowed, it felt like sandpaper was travelling down her esophagus.

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She knew him. She had to! The identity was somewhere at the back of her mind, or on the tip of her tongue, but yet she couldn't nail it!

At the same time, her mind was burning at the edges. Her memory was fading; she couldn't remember who she was!

"You know, you always said that black and white was rather boring. Well, now I have you to thank for the colour, dearest Elena. Your imagination was constantly rewarded. Now, truly, it has been given first place. Look how beautiful you made this once humble abode of mine!" The man laughed. Then, nearing so close, his breath tickled Elena's ghost-white lips. With a kiss, he had Elena's last sight be the bittersweet view of the ballroom.

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