We all (human beings) procrastinate. We procrastinate our to-do-list, our workout time, our study time, our trips or friends time. But above all we procrastinate opportunities.

We are young and we think that we have time to do the things we procrastinate, but nothing passes faster than time, and some day we will be so old to do our fav things.

So, why don't you consider these a little more? I mean, if you have to do your to-do-list, put yourself on some music and do it! If you have to study or workout too, If you do it ASAP you will have free time to chill.
If you will have a friends-trip or hang out don't let them pass, do it! You will don't have time as now, or friends as now or your youth!

So, don't think a lot and do it. If its wrong, that's ok because is experience!!

I will show you my fav quote from my fav band: will never be as young as we're now