Making a collection is not simply clicking the little heart, and then adding the photo to your collection.

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It is much more than that.

And today I will HELP you to have a collection that will make you proud whenever you open it.

But remember I'm not a professional, I do not even have heartist's heart of the year (indirect to WHI).
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So let's start?

To Start

First of all, think about what your collection is all about. Is it about an artist? Is it aesthetic? Alternative?

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Ok, now that you've decided, it's time to name your collection, based on what you expect from your collection. Because it's really boring just a simple name right?

You can use one sentence, one word only, separate letters (W E H E A R T I T), and you can use one or more symbols of your choice (♡ ♦ ☮).
This is a tumblr I always pick up some symbols.

The second part is to fill up your photo collection.
One thing I really like to do (and recommend) is to create a concept of photos and put all the photos that look alike in this collection.

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Like this.

And the good thing is you can do this with ANY kind of collection. I'm serious.


Business is always keeping your collection up to date, so people will always visit you, and you'll always enjoy getting into it.

This prevents your Collection is thrown away and forgotten.

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Your collection
And do not forget: You need to like this collection, it needs to have your face, because if not you will not feel good about it.

Believe me I had a lot of collections that I left there just because I thought other people would like it, but I did not even like updating it.

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I was unhappy.

Well, I hope I've helped you that's starting, or that you've been here a long time.

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P.S .: Thanks for taking some time out of your day to read my article :)