I know there are those days when you feel so low, like nothing in your life is worth enough to wake up every day, I know, because I have felt it, it's horrible, it makes you want to cry the entire day, while you are cover up with all of your blankes. But, the truth is that you will not solve a thing if you do that, The Earth will continue moving, and your life will continue going.

Everything you can do in those days is take a deep breath, close your eyes, count to 3,5,10,20,30,50,100 or till you feel calm, then open your eyes, and remember that everything is possible if you believe in what your doing, in your actions, in your dreams, in your abilities, in your likes, IN YOU!

You must remember that your life is totally worth it, it does not matter if you don't get what you want inmmediately, you gotta remember that you are lucky enough to have your entire life to live how you want, to do what makes you happy, and to get what your working for, it should be enough satisfaction for you, to know that you'll get it, because you deserve it, because, God, the universe, destiny, science, evolution or whatever you believe in, wouldn't have put you in this world if you weren't worth it.

Maybe people will try to bring you down and maybe some times, they will find it, but do not pay attention to them, focus on your goals, get up and keep walking till you achieve them, and then find new roads and follow them, it is not your problem what people think or what they do to make you feel low, it's theirs, because it's theirs minds, fortunately not yours.

Breath, sweetheart and keep walking, you are getting where you want. I believe in you.