Ever since the beginning of time, movies were the most popular things to do for a date. Whether it was a classical drive in, a film in a garden or even staying home and staying cosy together, movies brings out the love between two.

In the world today, finding the perfect Movie and can be almost like a chore. From personal experience, nothing is more frustrating than wanting to watch 'Secret Life of Pets' out of playfulness (and partly just to annoy them) whilst the other wanted to watch a horror Movie. But this little guide will help you and your S.O. find the perfect movie to chill to.

10 Things I Hate About You

This movie's humor is cruel and bland but very much laughable. From the beautiful Heath Ledger singing to your soul or the multiple #CoupleGoals throughout the film is great for you and your S.O. It has times of drama, Comedy and Romance that cuddling and a bowl of popcorn will put the cherry on top. But remember to ask your S.O. to sing Heath's famous serenade!

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Everything, Everything

Everyone knows of falling in love in some kind of tragic-yet-romantic way and Stella Meghie brought this to life from the novel by Nicola Yoon. Although the movie is fairly new in the box office and I am sure everyone is waiting for it to be released, it is filled with the vibe of love and the desperation for freedom by just looking at the cover. This is perfect for every couple because of it's romantic core and it's range of emotions that will give you two plenty of things to bond over. So go and buy those tickets and might want to keep a tissue nearby just for emergencies!

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The Breakfast Club

This is an iconic movie with the fist thrown into the air, sliding around the school halls and the most strangest kids stuck together for a never-ending detention on the weekend. Everyone interprets this film in different ways. Some can ponder on their own faults, find the humor in all of their clashing opinions or be drawn into the romanticism between the characters. Whatever it is, you'll both feel touched by it all and definitely feel drawn to eachother or feel a renowned shift in your relationship. Either way, this is a must see for a date - and don't forget the kiss at the Car!

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Any movie is great for a date but with this guide, go out and have fun! Treat your S.O. and make your time together worth it!

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