The sound of music in my ears, the keys sounding, that feeling of being alive, but not feeling present, my hands cooling, my heart breaking, my thoughts flowing like a living and fearful cataract, about to burst into emotions.

Tic, toc, tic, toc. The seconds run, and time goes by, a whole story in few days; days measured in seconds, exciting seconds, sad seconds, radical seconds; but I could never change those seconds that mark the beginning to the best adventures.

Pain? I know a lot about that. How about you? Have you felt that pain deep in the chest that warns you that nothing can improve? If you have... Congratulations! You know the pure pain; Although the irony on this verse is to spare.

Do you hear that? No? It is because disappointments are silent; Because disappointments suffer and destroy inside, but the exterior remains the same. The same smile, day after day, but this time the smile only screams for help, pitifully indifference blinded everyone.

I am sorry. I'm sorry you don't think same as me. I knew I was enough but you made me believe the opposite.
Look at my eyes. Do you notice that glow they used to have? Exactly, it's gone.
Now, feel my hands. Cold, trembling, restless for feel what they call "peace".

Listen to my heart. Fast. Don't you think? It is because it still believes; it's just that it goes beyond believing, but it doesn't know how to act. Be careful, and you'll realize that as many expected, it changed; The problem is that everyone knew, except it.

Listen to my voice! I beg you, please! I need you!

I need your hugs, not your looks of pity. I need you to sing to me, not to shout at me. I need to talk to you, not that you ignore me and smile at nothing ...