I dont wanna to make it too long to not get tiring of reading, and first of all forgive me for my English gammar and thanks for reading.

" Back in 2006 I was watching some videos on youtube with my sister and we decided to watch a certainly band ( I will not say which one), then we were reading all the comments below just to see what the fans used to say about them and suddenly we saw an email address saying that was the drummer's email.

- C'mon we laugh and did not believe it, but curiosity was bigger than us. We decided to write an email to the drummer, just playing around.
SURPRISE! After 20 minutes later someone answered it with only few raw words like :

- "Yes I am the drummer and who are you and how you know my email address?"

It sounded a little bit too rude but we didn't have the prove that this guy was really the guy from the band, anyway we answered him back and then the story goes...
We became friends, started a conversation and all the mystery was gone, since we chat to one another about how we got his email address and ordinary things about life, and the chatting were everydays, phone calls...

The band wasn't that kind of FAMOUS band in the world, they were so simple that we started a friendship with all the guys, they were really funny and who knew the next year we were going to see them live. Yeah We met each other and that was an incredible and unforgetable night, they can play, be fun and be nice to the fans.
At the end of the concert they came to talk to the fans and we were there:

"Drummer's eyes kept looking at us."
He yelled:
- Hey girls!!!
We returned with a "Hi, how are you?"

They wanted us to stay but we couldn't we should go back to our home, since the concert was in another city.

After that they were back to their places and we to ours, we still used to talk everydays, and a love were borning it was more than a friendship it was something made on heaven.
Years later we were not talking anymore, the love couldn't happen because we were from different "worlds" actually not for them and not for us, but for their crew (agents, managers, the music industry and people around them).
Well a fight for the love begun but our love and friendship had to "end" it all started to fall. A begining of something big to them a great deal with a big record company but an end of a true love and after all these years we spent things and made promises no one else ever know and never will.

It turned into something we never knew it would be, a great love but a big fight as well, a hurricane of feelings and we didn't know what was going on to one another, a dark moment, a crash, a fall, too many tears and broken hearts.

Six years later we meet again, and the love were still there, a love made in heaven is not easy to take away, we reconnect as if none of this had happened, they could see we were alive, the love were alive and even not "living in the same world" the love can happen and live on.

He said something to me (no not the drummer sorry - he is my sister's lover) The front man yes he said:

- Thank You, for never giving up. For holding on and to keep your faith.

Yes, I was paralyzed for a moment, wanted to tell him that I could never ever forget the moments we shared, I wanted to stay. Like Lana's quote from the song Ultraviolence says:

" I could have die right there, cause he was right beside me."

His hand was holding tight my neck, he grab it like someone who was fearing of something and his eyes glittered, like the summer sky.

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This love will never end

Now, years later, here we are again, still fighting for our love, still fighting for the right to love and to be who we are, living in the lyrics of their music, living the promises and knowing that someday we will come together. It's not easy to wait for, it's not fun to watch them on TV but we're both are happy for them, we're proud for their success, yes they're pretty famous now, but for us they're only our precious lovely guys, ours forever!

- Kel Cruz
PS: Sorry for the long text, I had to share it, After 11 years hiding this.