Khadijah: First wife of the prophet Muhammad S.A.W
Khadijah was the first female and person to follow the prophet S.A.W + a very successful business woman.

Fatimah: youngest daughter of Khadijah (4)
Fatimah was the wife of Ali (first black's Muslim) and she was the mother of Hasan and Husayn. She was the closet to her father. She is describing as being a role model because of her kindness and her purity.

Aisha: Second wife of the prophet S.A.W
Aisha was smart and educated especially in subject as poetry and medicine.

Mary/Maryam: Mother of Jesus (Sidna Aissa)
Mary is the only women named in the Quran.

Zainab: Daughter of Khadijah (1)
Ruqayyah: Daughter or Khadijah (2)
Umm Kulthum: Daughter of Khadijah (3)
Halah: Sister of Khadijah

The prophet had a lot of wife, here’s their name in order: Khadijah, Aisha, Sawda, Hafsa, Zaynab, Umm Salama, Zaynab, Juwayriya, Umm Habiba, Safiyya and Maymuna.

|S.A.W = Salutations of God and peace be upon him. |
Is a sign of respect when we name the prophet Muhamad S.A.W

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