Why? Just why?
We live the best years of our life. We are young. We are supposed to be happy, to make friends, to fall in love, to share love generally. And instead of this we are a generation depressed and sad. We are a mess.
Cruel society! You destroy your childrens. Wars, starvation, deseases, deaths..Why so rancor? What is the benefit from all this?
We must handle it. I know it's hard to be peaceful and enjoy life when terrible things happen around us, but we must. Do you know how many people are out there waiting for someone to love them, to care about them? Do you know how many flowers bloom every day waiting for someone to smell them? You can be the one who will love them and care them, the one who will smell the flowers.
Be open-minded, don't judge, accept, respect, LOVE!
Wake up! Don't be sad anymore! The world is what it is. This never gonna change. It may be worse. -Oh God give us strength!- But we can make it. United. As one. Loving each other!
Say the "I love you" you owe, give a hug to the one who need it, offer food to the one who is starving, play with the kids, think about 'us' and not 'me'.
Is it so difficult? No. If yet it is, you can make it, I believe in you!
I believe in us!