1. I live in Mexico and I had never leave the city where I live. I haven't even go to other places of the country. Shame on me.
2. I'm reading a book all the time. It doesn't mather if I read a few pages per day, I always read a book.
3. Speaking of reading, my sister tought how to when I was 4 years old. She realized I was watching too much tv, so she said "you will become brainless if you continue watching cartoons" or words to that efect.
4. And it work; maybe a bit too much. I have never drink, take drugs, have a boyfriend, I went to only three parties, give my first kiss. Such a rebel girl. The funny thing is that I have chances to do all that.
5. Ever since I got memory I've always wanted to dedicated to arts.
6. In my childhood, I loved to recreate scenes from movies and tv shows and I also liked to create my own stories as well.
7. I learned english on my own, listen to The Beatles. I know is the most speaking language but I'm proud of learning it by myself xD
8. My mom used to put me rock songs to sleep when I was a child. According to her, I used to beg her for more songs.
9. That way, she introduced me to Bon Jovi and Elvis Presley.
10. I listen a great variety of music genres. The only way I can describe it is saying that I like the usic of the last century.
11. Some of my favorite artist are The beatles, Bjork, David Bowie, Prince, Echo and the bunnymen, The Clash, Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, Queen, Blondie, Ritchie Valens, Simon and Garfunkel, Billy Joel, The police, Joy Division, The Smiths, The rolling stones, Fleetwood Mac, Patti Smith, and I'll leave it here cause there are too many.
12. Glee changed my life. Everything I know (books, movies, music, culture in general) I knew it because of Glee.
13. Fun fact, my taste in music is very different to the profesion I wanted to be: Musical threater actress. Starring a musical is still on my bucket list but I want to dedicate to other things.
14. I am going to be a filmmaker. I also want to act on some movies and series, write scripts, maybe sing, but mostly I will direct films.
15. "Maybe sing" My maternal family dedicates to arts (everyone on my family plays guitar, other ones sings, other ones play instruments or dance) As a result I feel insecure of singing and playing. I like to sing when I listen music though.
16. I took acting classes when I was 11 years . I had a bad experience with bullying there so I left. It was a very bad decision.
17. I have always been insecure, ever since I was a child I was worrying of kids mocking me. This last year I had a experience that made me open my eyes and realize that I can not live like this forever. Is a very private thing but I am determined to leave that behind and begin a new life.
18. Some of my favorite films are American Beauty, Little Miss Sunshine. Singin' in the rain, Jawbreaker, Pulp Fiction, Back to the future, and a long etcetera.
19. I'm the messiest person writing. I have scenes of films and series that I write without any specific order all over the notebook.
20. Back to the future, The theory of everything, Pulp Fiction and Singin' in the rain had a very deep impact on me.
21. I love making people laugh.
22. I was on a casting . One word: disastrous.
23. All the people that I love now I hated them at the begining. My friend from childhood, L, I met her the first of elementary school. I tought her name was Cero (Zero) I hated her because she was a straight A student, I was so jealous of her. My friend F, I met her on middle school and she was insoportable. Now I can't imagine my life without them xd.

24. Some of my favorite boks are Eleanor and Park, Where'd you go Bernadette, The truth of the Harry Quebert affair, The selection series, Las batallas en el desierto, and more.
25. Some random fact to end. I love Eva Green.
P.S, I'm sorry if I have a mistake, english is my second language.