Hello, people of WeHeart It! I'm so excited~
I suppose this is a more lengthy About Me? I'm not entirely good at this so, bare with me. > < By the way, as a heads up, I'm not kidding with the lengthy part... I ramble on the internet as much as I do in real life when I'm with my parents, or alone. Yeah, I talk to myself. Grab a snack; sit tight.

Well, anyways! I've been on this wonderful and creative place for... I don't know how long, but long enough to be extremely thankful for its reliability when I first started writing. Believe me, that's been a long time! WeHeartIt is my best friend when I need images for the stories that I write, or when I need a new wallpaper instead of using Google. Actually, on a writing website called Quotev, I have a little image collection that has short stories made out of them: https://www.quotev.com/story/8855910/Collection-Every-Picture-Has-A-Story :) It's basically that moment where you get inspired by a picture, and you just hear the voices of characters, and the feelings they may have in that photo. I'd appreciate it if you'd give it a go! (Yep, shameless self-advertising... XD Jokes! If ya want of course, you can check them out. I'm just saying my thanks in advance if ya do.)

On the internet, I like to use the name Azziral. So hi again, pleasure to meet you with something you can properly address me with, haha.

Now, regarding real-life stuff, I live somewhere in Canada, and this September I'll be in the eleventh grade. It's kinda scary but exciting at the same time because it legit just felt like I started grade eight a month ago or something. Time flies! Yikes! Sooner than I'll think, I'll be graduating! I don't think I can handle adulthood yet — but didn't everyone think that when they were in their teens? ^ ^;

Anywho, I'm an introvert. An INFJ, if you put it in MBTI terms. I was also born in the year of the Snake according to the Chinese horoscope, and a Scorpio in the Western form. I'm that shy kid in the back of the class, and when you get to know me, no, I'm not some big ball of sunshine or sassy-filled-with-attitude kid; you'll actually hear me spouting what-ifs, radiating hesitancy and worry, and overwhelming myself with second thoughts. Er, sometimes. Yep. That person. I'm a pessimist. During bad times, I hate to admit that I take pride in it. I'm not that confident about myself, and by taking a couple of tests, my self-esteem is low. Argh. But at the same time, I know I have confidence somewhere! The thing is, there's this one statement that sticks in the back of my mind like tape ya can't peel off: if nobody else is going to take things seriously, then who will? *shoves myself in* ... ' - '

Uh, yeah. I have a lotta self conflicts... It's one heck of a world I have in my mind. Too hard and too complicated to write out, heh.

But let's get back to more, er, practical (?) things? No. Normal, standard things.

For my favourite classes, I'd like to say English because there's reading and writing, both of which I love to do. It's a hobby. :) Since I take Japanese as a language class, I also like that too! Aside from having anime inspire me first, just hearing feelings expressed in a different language is super cool. That, and learning new things in general that you take an interest in is fun!

Hmmm, how about favourite books next?

Okay! Well, I don't normally finish or like series (Divergent was pretty good until the second book kinda bored me out... So sad T - T), but Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga, and To All The Boys I've Loved by Jenny Han had me rereading them real quick!
My kind of genres are thriller/suspense, sometimes dystopian, sometimes fantasy, a little bit of romance is sweet, and often times content that is really relatable.
A few other books that aren't series, but still go under my favourites are Made You Up by Francesca Zappia, and Wintergirls and Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. One book that was suggested by my mom and kind of helped me broaden my vocabulary, is Master of The Game and Rage of Angels by Sydney Sheldon. (Seriously, check out Master of The Game, you'll be in for one heck of a ride!)

For writing, I loved doing it ever since I went through a really tough, dark looking state of mind when I was thirteen. I wrote out everything, and it really helped me let out the pressure and thoughts that were brewing above a heated fire. However, when that lowered or passed, I first started out with fan fiction. Writing fan fiction is like a stepping stone to the real thing before you try out your own original ideas and the like. Fan fiction just creates a base. I've been told that it can sometimes be a turn off, but a majority of beginner writers have tried fan fiction, right? It can help. c;

Let's see, how about movies?

I don't watch a lotta TV or things in the theatres nowadays - damn little electronic devices - but I'm going to have to say Passengers with Jennifer Lawrence and Christ Pratt, The Hobbit trilogy, The Devil Wears Prada – naming these off the top of your head ain't easy ; - ; – The Chronicles of Narnia, Spirited Away... Okay, there's a lot more, but I really can't name 'em, haha! For TV shows, I liked Suits. Oh, there's The Walking Dead! I'm stil in season 6, I think...
Ah, three K Dramas that I specifically like are You From Another Star, The Descendants of The Sun, and Oh My Ghostess!

Hmmm, what next?

... Oh boy, I'm zoning out. See, told ya I ain't good at this... After writing a bunch, I don't know how to end this now...

OH!! Wait a second, Anime! Haha! What do I have to say about anime? Well, my favourites are Haikyū!! as seen in my collections, I have one for them. :3 My favourite characters are Iwaizumi Hajime and Kuroo Tetsurou. As for teams — no, don't do that to me.
I think I've watched about more than 15 animes? I wouldn't call myself a "weaboo" or an "otaku," I just enjoy watching and learning a few things. I could talk about it in a conversation, but I'm not avid enough to go to conventions or cosplay. :) I used to wish that I could draw like those amazing animators, or fans who post those awesome works of art, but alas, I stopped having drawing as a hobby when I was twelve. Writing is my forte now! :D

Oh! Music! At the moment, I'm into K POP, specifically, I'm into a band called BTS. It's great to see something of Asian descent get more publicity ever since they won the Top Social Artist Award for the Billboard Music Awards. :)
I also like songs from the indie or alternative category, a bit of punk sometimes, or modern rock; things on the radio, so Pop, is fine with me, but a lot of the time, I like soundtracks from movies or anime. :D To be a bit "emo," maybe things that I can cry to when I really need it. ; - ; ^ - ^

Welp! That's a very long and awkward and unorganized article about me! Sorry 'bout that, but that's me! And I'm just testing out articles, to which I say to the admins of WeHeartIt, I like this feature. :) I hope to write more soon, like on books. * w * That's all! Sorry about the weirdness. This kinda happens to me when there's no seriousness taken. :P I hope I don't sound like I'm younger than I am...? o - o;;;


Dream career: somewhere in the psychology field

P.S. If you read through all of this — wow, thank you... :') <3
P.P.S. If ya wanna pop in to say hi or whatever the like, send a postcard! :D ^ - ^