My name was Alex. I was only eight years old. I wanted to play ball outside, so my mother told me to play in the backyard. She said stay near the door so she could see me at all times and call me when my big brother came home. I was excited. We had sent letters to him for the past five years. Why, because he has been away at war for that long. The last letter he sent, he said he couldn't wait to see me again.

So, I started to play with my pink ball, throwing it up in the air. I heard my mother leave to another room that caused me to miss catching the ball. It bounced softly only a few inches from me. I ran to get it, but my foot accidentally kicked it. It rolled all the way towards the pong. I skipped my way to it but stopped immediately when I saw the stranger in black. He bent down, picked up my ball and slowly waved for me to come over.

He whispered softly saying he wasn't going to hurt me. I happily believed him, as I continued to skip his way. He knelt on one foot and handed it over. I said thank you, mister, and then turned my back and started to walk back towards the door. I felt my arm being pulled hard, making me drop my pink ball. The man threw me into the pond. Both hands of the man in black kept me under water. I struggle a bit and tired to call my mother, but the water muffled my pleas for help.

Everything went black.. Soon, however, things came back into the light. I saw the man in black took his hands off me. That was when I saw his face clearly. He took a long look at me before walking away from the scene. I looked back into the pond and saw my lifeless body. Five minutes passed when I heard a shriek of agony and I turned to see my mother and brother looking down at me. My mother ran back to the house to call 911 while my brother fell to his knees.

He shook his shoulders softly. One thing ran through me and in a faint whisper I said, "Big brother, why did you kill me?"