Hi, my name is Lidia and I'm Brazilian. This is my 1st article, so I'm very excited about it.
I'm going to give some tips to learn a new language. I think it's really important and some of this helped me a lot to learn my English. I am not already confident about my writing, so If I write something wrong, just tell me, please.

1 - Listening.

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I like so much to pratice my listening watching my favorite actor or singer interviwe. Because, you're learning and having a good time either. You're practicing, but you don't feel like studying.

2 - Change everything for this new language.

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the setting from you cellphone and computer for the language that you are learning, and start to reading books, watching movies and series in this language too. Do everything you can to be closer to this language.

3 - Explain.

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If you wanna write well you have to know the rules. Nothing better than explain to yourself or some friend that can helps you. When you do a exercise about some topic, explain why this option is right, and better, why the others are wrong.

4 - Studies at least 1 hour per day.

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Believe, 1 hour is enough, but you have to study every single day. One day you can study the vocabulary, other one you can do some exercises, the other pratice your listening, other the writing, and go...

5 - Use the websites for you help.

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There is a lot of websites for who want to learn a new language, like memrise, duolingo, TED, etc... Do not stay only on facebook and twitter.

So, this is it. I hope you enjoy it and get sucessful with your new language.
Remember, you can do it! Just be strong and don't give up.
Kisses xx