Hey there. Umm so my name is Lexi and as you can probably tell by my boards, I kinda have a taste for a bit of everything. I include fashion, self care tips, landscapes, home ideas, favorite shows (aka Teen Wolf <3), workout tips, and little segments of everything here and there.

So where to start on a topic for the first article..
Lets start off this coming school year since it is right around the corner!
Seriously. It saves you time! Organize your binders, pencil cases, dividers, you name it! JUST DO IT✔

Step 2. Get something new for yourself! 👗👕💄
I always get a few new shirts, jeans, sweatpants and shoes before the new school year, so you can look good but also feel good walking back into those school hallways. Get inspiration by watching clothing hauls but also stay on a budget

Step 3. Skincare 🌸
Ok this is currently my skincare routine. I have sensitive skin, meaning I don't wash my wash in the morning, only at night before I go to sleep. Find what works for you for a schedule! I use the brand Proacativ deep cleansing wash for my first step, then applying a doctors recommended, Clindoxyl ADV Gel (1%,3%), as a overnight cream which works amazing!! I also use many face masks (aka ADDICTED!), I currently have a tea tree oil wash off mask from The Body Shop ($15) and bought a 5 pack of 7th Heaven facemasks from Claires ($13) including aloe vera mask, dead sea mask, red hot earth mask, and 2 peeling masks.
Definitely include this into your weekly routine!

This article thing looks pretty neat to try out since I also love to write! Hope to continue these articles every few days to give everyone tips, tricks and advice throughout these following months and coming school year!

Keep in touch!