LUSH is an amazing store full of plenty of great products! So what do you try first and foremost? Here´s a list of some of the best LUSH products out there! Note that these are for the US LUSH, and may not be the same products that you find elsewhere in the world.

Bath Bombs

  • Twilight: It has beautiful pink/blue hues and glitter. The lavender smell helps to soothe you and relieve stress. A classic bath bomb, but nonetheless amazing.
  • The Experimenter: This bath bomb is very photogenic, and it has several bright colors that blend together. It is bright, fizzy, and comforting in scent and sight, to both energize and relax you.
  • Metamorphosis: A brand new product, metamorphosis starts out gray and then bursts into color, to raise your spirits. Say goodbye to dull and boring as your bath is transformed into beautiful and uplifting colors.

Face Masks

  • Cup O' Coffee: This scrub fights dryness, and the strong scent of coffee and roasted cacao is great to wake you up and stimulate your senses. It deeply cleanses to leave you feeling soft and clean.
  • Don´t Look At Me: This mask works to combat dryness, moisturize, tone, and soften your skin all at once. Lemon, ground rice, murumuru butter, and kaolin are all active ingredients.
  • BB Seaweed: If you have sensitive skin, this product is great for you! Seaweed, honey, ground almonds, and aloe work to make your skin smooth, nourished, and moisturized. It´s also very calming.

Other Products

  • Bubble Bars: Put these in your tub to create a ton of bubbles! The bubbles are even scented.
  • Massage Bars: These products are made with essential oils and butters to relieve tension, among other benefits.

These are just a small portion of the wonderful products LUSH has in store for you, so visit their website to see the complete list. Also know that they are vegan, and not tested on animals. LUSH even has special products to benefit various causes, so you can make a difference by shopping!