Hey y'all I'm back, I'm working really hard to create more articles that are interesting and of engaging and stuff. Also, most of them are pretty long and first drafts are always treacherous, abundant with spelling errors incomplete thoughts and many more icky writers habits. So school is about to start soon and I've wasted nearly half of it by upgrading my marks, only to find out post secondary institutes don't really look at tenth grade marks, I lOVE wasting my OWN TIME! ;( anyways since I soon will no longer have any leisure time I wont be able to work out which high key sucks! I could workout at my schools gym but they start around seven end at eight or even earlier, and I damn well know nasty boys will be in there since there athletic and all have to get those "gains" bro! ( did you sense the hyper masculinity in that sentences lol) if your confused by how I used the word boy like a five year old girl afraid to catch cooties, yea I am most definitely afraid of catching a "oh your pretty cute for a black girl" , "never been with a black girl before" or "your super chill for a black girl" or even the casually elusive " your not that black for a black girl" I want a MAN not a BOY okie? like i don't do baby sitting and I'm not a fan of complacent racist colorist un-stylish bums thank you very much! but onto some good news a good friend of mine has hooked ya girl up with some lit ass volunteering opportunity's sooooo hopefully my ass wont be lazy and write a half assed email and I'll be able to do this thing gain some dough in the bank of soulful good deeds. Also another thing I've low key been wanting to do is modeling but only part time since a mutual friend of a friend scouted me and gave me a card????? like okie I'm not entirely sure of this but if it finna put m's in my bank account I think the fun yea imma do it!
~good vibes ,words and a lil bit of sas! ;)