Nicole Dollanganger

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Nicole Dollanganger is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and artist. She released her first album "Curdled Milk" in 2012, and her most recent album "Natural Born Losers" came out in 2015.

Nicole has been releasing music for about six years now, and she still hasn't gained the popularity (in my opinion) she deserves. Her voice is very unique and soothing, almost like a lullaby in a creepy way. I also saw someone describe her voice as "beautifully haunting".

Here are some songs of hers I would recommend listening to:


You're So Cool

Dog Teeth

Please Eat

Billie Eilish

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Billie Eilish is an American pop singer signed to Interscope Records. Billie released her first single "Ocean Eyes" in 2016.

I don't think Billie is that underrated, but if you haven't listened to her music you definitely should. She has a very aesthetic vibe to her and her style is very unique. Also, she's doing all of this at the age of 15, which makes me question what I'm doing with my life.

Here are some songs of hers I would recommend listening to:

Ocean Eyes



Six Feet Under

Hey Violet

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Hey Violet is an American rock band consisting of Rena Lovelis, Miranda Miller, Nia Lovelis, Casey Moreta, and Ian Shipp. Hey Violet released their first EP "I Can Feel It" in 2015, and their most recent album "From The Outside" came out in 2017.

Hey Violet was originally an all girl group called "Cherri Bomb", but when one of their members, Julia Pierce left the group, they changed their name to Hey Violet, added new member Casey Moreta, and eventually Ian Shipp to the group.

The bands old songs have a more rock feel to them than their newer ones, but I'm personally a bigger fan of their newer songs.

Here are some songs of theirs I would recommend listening to:

Guys My Age

Break My Heart


Like Lovers Do

Matt Maeson

Matt Maeson is a pop singer/songwriter. Matt released his EP "Who Killed Matt Maeson" in 2017.

I only just discovered Matt Maeson a few days ago, and I'm already in love with him. His voice gives me chills and his songs have such deep meanings.

I suggest listening to the entire "Who Killed Matt Maeson" EP, but I strongly suggest listening to his song "Straight Razor".

Olivia O'Brien

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Olivia O'Brien is an American singer and songwriter. She is best known for her collaboration with Gnash on the song "i hate u, i love u".

Although she has yet to release and album or an EP, her songs that she has released are amazing.

I would say Olivia's music is more pop than anything else.

Here are some of her songs I would recommend listening to:


Find What You're Looking For

Trust Issues


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Transviolet is a pop band consisting of Sarah McTaggart, Judah McCarthy, Michael Panek, and Jon Garciao. Transviolet released their first EP "Transviolet" in 2015, and their most recent EP "Kaleidoscopes" came out in 2017.

The band has gotten praise from popular singers including Katy Perry, Harry Styles, and Lorde, but I still think they deserve a little more attention.

The band has an indie feel to it, and the lead singer Sarah has a very unique voice.

Here are some of their songs I would recommend listening to:

Girls Your Age

New Bohemia

The Hamptons


Thank you for reading!

I really hope this wasn't too bad for my first article. And I'm sorry if there's any typos. I'm really bad at proofreading. Anyways, I really hope you guys take listen to any of these singers/ bands, or even just one of them. Even if you don't I'm thankful you took the time to read this!

- Kylie

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