Hello Guys! Thanks For Reading my First article I think That I will write a lot in coming days .. Anyway I'm so excited To share my thoughts with people I don't know them before I just find it funny to get followers because of your mind and your points of view and not because of your shape . At least I can talk freely without being judged so when I saw the new update I was just like "Whoa finally" .

So Who I am ? 17 years old Strong Muslim girl From the north of Morocco Passionate about editing videos and everything about Technology with lots of good ideas that can change something in this world But, unfortunately She doesn't have the possibilities to make noise to let people or someone see what she created only with her modest phone . Celebrity , Money , Subscribers , Views she Doesn't care about all of this! All she wanted From Her YouTube Channel is to motivate girls and inspire them to see the world in different way and make them know what Females are able to do incredible things when they believe in themselves..

If You are Interesting by my Channel or by what I wrote You can tell me (We can be Good Friends,Who Knows)
| ASGS |