I know that Life is Hard, I know its Hard to Breath sometimes even Painful. But that's Life. People Leave Withought even looking behind, things go wrong and you feel like no one understands you. But this is Just Life honey
If it kicks you down take time to gain your Strength Cry if you have to, but get back to your Feet. Learn to forgive those who hurt you not for them but for you.
you are Enough. That is what you are, maybe people told you the Opposite but how can they know what you are when they are not you. See people will push around to get what they want, they push you to the wall lying to you that its for your best, not even caring how you feel. People will Judge you once they dont understand you, they bring you down.
So do something if only your sure of what you're are doing and want it. if its to lose those Pounds dont move a finger if you feel sexy, do it only when you really want it but do it for you not so that the boy who sits next to you might notice you. Do it because you want it, if you want to write a Diplome, if you want to become a President. GO for it dont let People push you around like just Something.

I know that the Social media Tells you that love is out of Fashion, so be old Fashioned Love with every Inch of You whether your Mother , Friend, Boyfriend. Love. and be confident in it. Even those who dont deserve it love them. For they need it the Most. But dont settle for Bullshit. Love but dont be taken for Granted.
Know who you are. You are a Beauty and dont let anyone describe beauty for you for they have as well no idea. Be Proud of Yourself and the Far you have come and no Matter what you are Going through, Breath Live the Moment and give everything you do 100 Percent of Yourself. Learn from The Mistakes of Yesterday and dont take anything for Granted as well as no one. Run to the Mountains Chasing the Sunrises, stay up late to watch the Movie whether working or not you wont die. Live and Breath. Dont forget to BREATH