is it possible to be in love with someone who you've never even had a real conversation with? Whenever I talk about him to my friends, I try to make it sound as convincing as possible that me and him truly have spoken and have a connection. Just, and only, so I can hear them say those four words, "you have a chance". Deep down, I know I do not. I'm not as skinny as her. Not as pretty. Not as blonde, even. I don't have her stunning blue eyes. I don't have her memories with you. I don't have what matters most, that I will never be on the receiving end of. And that is chemistry. When you see her, your hazel eyes light up. Those beautiful, hazel eyes. But they aren't looking into my green, teary eyes. You are looking at her crystal, blue oceans. She means everything to you, and I mean nothing. That's what hurts the most.