Chap lips from the cool air, part as they open, about to talk. But quickly shut. Again.
Dry lips part as they open this time to talk. He walks pass with a smile.
"I like your shoes!" Was all the dry lips could spit out before quickly shutting into silence. I like your shoes? The shoes were no different than the rest that walked the room, but for some reason, the brain told the lips one simple line, before the heart could say another.
"I like your shoes." The boy hadn't laughed, he just smiled. For some reason, his silent smile spoke more than his words could have. Glances passed while the other wasn't looking, looking up then down. Again.
Up then down. Again.
Up then down.
The boy finally stopped at the lips looking at the piercing that hung around it. He observed the lips as if they were a piece of art.
This went on for days, then months soon the lips parting to exchange words. They were not just two souls in a room anymore.
Chap lips part opening to talk but closing again. The heart was trying to tell the lips to say the one thing the brain refused to say. The boy smiled as the lips struggled to find new words.
"Nasty weather?" The dry lips spit out, slightly choking on the words.
"Yeah, I was going to go longboarding but can't anymore." The boy laughed at first but then brought more to the conversation.
Tell him... The heart hissed loader. No! The brain screamed even louder.
Soon they could tell you every single thing about each other. He liked blue out of all the colors he liked blue, specifically blue on his navy blue shoes. He loved movies and chocolate ice cream he played the drums etc... The lips part in conversation but nothing more... When they walked their bodies collided together, hand brushing against the other. A tingle ran up the spin as a single.
Just grab his hand... But nothing.

Tell him... The heart hiss time after time but the brain encouraged a strong NO!
Summer arrived, the two part their ways, As their lips do the opposite. Their lips stay silent. No goodbye, because summer is always the beginning never the end. They talked of adventure that never happened and dreams that never became.

Summer passed, the dry lips parted about to talk when realized the boy no longer cared... He had forgotten their conversations their laughs and the feeling of seeing her down the hall. His lips were never hers. He was never hers. They were nothing special. Yet they always felt like something more than nothing. Time had been their end.