We see ,what we want to see.We say what we want to say.We jugde a book by it’s cover,not knowing what’s in it,not knowing the actual summary of the story,not knowing the plot of it.Again.Is it worth it?For all of us to keep doing things we don’t want to do,just to show this perfect picture so other people could think we are strong or if we are weak?And at the end of the day,you will turn out to be weak all over again.Because people can’t see the real side of you.People judge.People say mean things.People kill each other.And is there something worse than this?Is there something worse than a bad word?There’s this ongoing war.War with words.And people keep pressing for more and more.They just pressure themselves.It’s like pointing the gun at someone and not pressing it,but the other person will snap and their button will snap and boom they will die.So the other person did not press the button,but it was enough from them to point the gun so someone would explode.