In the comfort of
The night,
It’s hard to tell the difference
Of the raindrops and tears
That reside on
Your skin.
I want to reach out
And wipe them away
From your darling face..
But aren’t I the one
That made it this way?

You tell me,
“They are happy tears,
Tears of joy,
The night sky holds
A universe of beauty.”
But why is there
On that darling face of yours?
Your mouth wouldn’t be
Twisted in a grimace
If those tears were
Of joy.

I wish I didn’t hurt you.
Your tears flow so
Like the blood from the
wounds those damn
Thorns made…
You told me you
Loved them…

Do you still love me?
I hurt you..
Time after time.
Yet you stay,
You still help me..
Comfort me..
Save me..
You’re intriguing and I
Don’t understand
Why you stay when
You’re heart is broken
In two.
Maybe you enjoy
The pain
The dull beat of your
Once lively heart.