Hey everybody ! ( 5SOSFAM you know the reference) I hope you're doing well.

I'll start by introducing myself a little :

My name is Lou and I'm French (that's why my texts can be grammatically incorrect sometimes). This is my first article and I will talk about my fav band : 5 Seconds of Summer.

Let's introduce them a little too :

They started as a band in Sydney in 2011 by posting videos on YouTube. Niall Horan of the band One Direction (my other fav band) spotted them and decided to give them a chance. In 2014, their first official song, She Looks So Perfect, was released. In the same year, they did the first part of the 1D Tour in some countries and then their career start to take off (hope this sentence is correct).

The members :

2016, fan, and luke hemmings image
Luke Hemmings (my fav even if I like them all), lead vocals and guitar.
luke hemmings, 5sos, and michael clifford image
Michael Clifford, vocals and guitar.
2016, black and white, and edit image
Calum Hood, vocals and bass.
5sos, ashton irwin, and 5 seconds of summer image
Ashton Irwin, vocals and drum.

My fav songs by album :

1st album : 5 Seconds Of Summer

-Good Girls
-She Looks So Perfect
-Don't Stop
-End Up Here
-Never Be

2nd album : Sounds Good Feels Good

-Jet Black Heart
-Catch Fire
-Safety Pin
-Broken Home
-Fly Away

And they're currently working on their third album, I'm so excited, I've been waiting too long 😫

Making a list was harder than I thought honestly.

Anyway, I hope you liked it and if you didn't know this band, I hope that made you want to learn 'bout them and listen to their songs. You should 'cause they're amazing.

Bye 😊