For anyone who is starting college soon and is completely terrified, don't be. There is no reason to be.

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New stuff for college

College is obviously where you are more organised and responsible. This is because you are no longer a child anymore, you are an adult and the teachers or lectures there will treat you like one. College will be more relaxed, fair enough you still have stuff to do, but you don't have to wear uniforms anymore, dont have to be there the whole day or the all week.

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If you think about it, college is the start of your life. You can start to live and have fun. People will start to learn how to drive and you will be able to go places.

Everyone is scared, I bet there are people who are going to college knowing no one, because I'm in the same position. But it's not stopping me from going, I want to meet new people and start to live my life.

Anyway, hopefully this has helped some of you and hope you have a great start to college. If you liked it, Heart It.