A cool chaotic breeze in a stagnant world
You shook my leaves to the ground
Bare and exposed

Coursing like fire through my roots,
you fueled me

Winter invaded the world
Everything tumbled down
While you held my ground

The endless static noise was all so familiar
Until you whispered your song to me
like a seductive bird,
with your voice like honey
my insides contorted and intertwined inextricably

An overpowering storm
You showered me whole

The crash of lightning loomed nearby
A sudden fear of finalization
A winter’s breeze left me trembling

When the darkness envelops me
The fear of loneliness invades me
Yet, you shine your presence silently in a billion ways

Will you be there when the darkness is all I have?

Engraved in my trunk is the story we shared,
A collection of scars and tattoos inexplicable to others

When the darkness swallows me whole,
I’ll glance up once more to see your fading light smile bright

To have known you was a pleasure
But to have loved you without having you was like
that of a majestic wave relishing in rising happiness
until it collides with the ground in a loud crash and returns to nothingness

boy and sky image

Thank you for reading, and I truly appreciate everyone that has taken the time to read the words of others here on WHI. Also, I'm grateful for the integration of articles into this platform because it allows us all to share much more through the written word. Have a lovely day!

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