Hello stunners!
I hope life's been as great to you as it has been to me lately :)
Something major happened in my life since i last posted. screams loudly in my head
Alright! So my story got published in a book. Like a legit book! And I am here like whaaaattt!!
Some background: Few months back i wrote for a national story writing competition and my story got picked up along with 14 other odd submitted pieces. I still remember the first time I ever wrote a story three years back for a college level competition and how that night while talking to my parents I told them how I can never be a story writer. I felt i wasn't patient enough; not talented enough; not enough enough. Ironically, I ended up getting the first prize and my story made a place for itself (full page coverage) in my yearly college magazine. "Beginners luck, may be", I thought to myself.
From then to now! My story is in an official book!!!!! still screaming, yup
Either I was wrong about myself, or the universe is playing with me. It is surreal. It is just a tiny feat, no big a deal, but surely is a thing i will tell my grandchildren with great pride. I am so grateful to my friend who shared the link with me that fortunate day and to someone Up there who is looking after me. Good job thus far, buddy-in-the-skies!
Now this girl is going to get herself a cupcake and allow herself to indulge in a bit of writer dreams. HEHE.
Take care fellas. Until we meet next time :)