Hello everyone!♥ My name is Anna and I would like to tell you more about myself, than you can read on my profile ♥ :) If you want to know something more about me, just read it ;)


  • I'm 19 years old ( my birthday is in 10 February )
  • I'm Moonwalker ♥
  • I'm Prince's fan O(+>
  • I love sports, I dance and work out at the gym. And I swam for 6 years
  • My favourite color is blue and mint.
  • I love animals, my favourite is dog and panda ♥
  • I love singing, but I can't :D ;P
  • I love 80's&90's music ♥
  • I love travel and one day I want to go to USA.
  • I want to have a tattoos ( small and girlish )
  • I'm a person who hates when it's cold outside. So I love summer and spring.
  • If I drink coffe it must be caffe latte.
I think that's all facts at this moment :)
dog, cute, and animal image

I hope that you know something more about me now. And If you want to talk with me, just send me a postcard ;) ♥

Besos :*