If you are reading this and you went to Starbucks, you probably know what I´m talking about. I´m just writing a list of the typical things that happen to almost everybody at Starbucks coffee.

1. Your Name: if it hasn´t happened to you, your lucky. As my name is Paula in Spain they write it correctly, but for example, last week i was at Paris, and I went to Starbucks at Centre Pompidou, ,Champs-Élysées and at the Charles de Gaulle airport. They wrote in the cup Paola two times and Paul. They also called me Pula and Pau in other countries.

2. Messed up drinks: isn´t it annoying when you order a some drink and they put coffee in it? For example when you order a Green Tea frappuccino and they give you a normal Green Tea. If you´re in a hurry, you have to wait for your drink.

3. Prices: I´m going to refer to a normal cafe. In Madrid, it´s between 1 and 2 euros. But the prices in Starbucks are 5 euros or similar. I think it´s a pretty expensive price for what an Starbucks drink is.

4. Frappuccinos: frappuccinos are delicious, but when your close to finishing the drink, there´s only ice and I paid for a drink, not for flavoured ice.

5. Snacks: snacks at starbucks taste delicious, but the price for a piece of cake is more expensive for a handmade cake. It has happened to me that as the cakes are frozen before being put for display at the Starbucks counter, the piece of cake they gave me was frozen, and the barista gave me a look of disgust.

So that was it! I don´t if you have the same toughts of Starbucks as me, but that was my opinion, hope you enjoyed reading this article!