My first article :) Was super pumped to hear about this new feature. WHI is such a creative community and I am constantly finding inspiration here. Haven't been using it that long, but through my collections have been able to express what inspires me artistically and aesthetically. This new feature will provide a new outlet for further self expression which is amazing! <3
I will be doing a wide variety of articles and topics in the future, but since one of my passions is creative writing I am very excited to share my poetry and other writing as well. I thought I'd start with a poem I wrote today :)

Destructive Romanticism

I kissed your lips
And tasted the danger
Tantalizing and bittersweet
Dark and rich
Just like you
And full of unspoken secrets
Secrets I was dying to be a part of.

You let me into your reckless world
To you, I was an alluring canvas
Painted of innocence and various shades of blue
Ethereal and otherworldly
You saw in my eyes the bleak desire
To escape everything with you.

We walked down the shadowy streets of dusk
Hand in hand
And you told me
Conspiratorially and in hushed tones
The story of how the world broke you.
Oh, how I wanted to mend you
Fix every fracture and fissure
That had left your heart and mind so torn
But in the end, it was me who needed fixing.

Together we evaded reality
Two damaged souls seeking refuge
In mutual and blissful self destruction
A precarious escapade
Of youthful indiscretion and medication
Hiding from the world around us
Two hands bound tightly together
Beneath the false safety net we had cast
That separated us from everyone else.

You tried to erase my pain
And I yours
But you led me down a dark rabbit hole
Where colours blurred and shapes lost their edges
I became lost in a daydream that was not my own
And suddenly,
Harsh reality started to bleed all over this new world we had crafted
Creeping back in like an unwanted apparition
And my image reflected in the mirror
Morphed into a distorted figure beyond recognition
I was slowly losing myself
Piece by shattered piece...

My brain began to unravel
And I knew saving you meant allowing myself
To sink deeper and deeper into waters so dark
That the only outcome would be my inevitable drowning
So I let my hand slip away from yours
Tracing the faint outline of the scars you wore so proudly
One last time

And I walked away...