-"Do you miss him?"

Yes, I do, a lot. And it's killing me. Knowing that he isn't thinking of me, he only saw me as a "friend" and I hate the fact that I still love him no matter how many time he hurt me or made me cry. I knew he was just temporary, a memory. But I got attached to it. I got attached to the feelings, how amazing it felt whenever he would talk to me and whenever I see him, my heart beats so fast from the happiness, and when I'm in a bad mood, thinking about him instantly makes my day a hundred times better. Yes. He hurt me a lot but do I regret knowing him? No. Because before I knew him, I was never happy, I always felt alone and when I met him, he changed my life. He always stood there by my side. I never felt about anyone like that. He meant the world to me. But people come and go, and he was one of those people. He came and made me look at things differently, in a positive way. We were alike, we had a lot in common and that's what I liked about him. He isn't the hottest or the cutest guy in the world, but he is caring and funny. But he was just a memory. An amazing one.

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