❤️ ❤️ ❤️

His soul was as light as cotton candy,
eyelids sending rainbows only to lit up my dark world;
He brought back bright colors to my life;
shining like the stars of a pure midnight sky,
I was such a huge ice mass;
nothing and no one could melt me...
until he broke the ice!
He was the first to save my heavy dirty soul when I lost myself;
the only source of hope.
Tell me how could I possibly erase his touch?
While he is like a permanent hickey in my heart!
Now, I feel different because of him.
I just need him.
I need him like vampires need blood.
He keeps me alive. He runs through my veins.
I've never fallen from quite this high;
And never have I given myself to another the way
I gave me to him;
I'm barely for me.
And of all the strangers I chose him.
Though I'm falling so hard,
so hard that it might hurt,
I want it to be endless,
endless that it's just the cold breeze
with us smiling and hoping,
hoping that gravity this time
will go against its nature
and play

love, couple, and sunset image couple, love, and kiss image
I used to live in the darkness
Dress in black, act so heartless
But now I see that colors are everything
__ Kesha (Rainbow)