1. You clothes you wear should be like black, dark purple, dark red, dark blue, dark green etc

2.Outfits like leather jacket's, jeans(any, just dark), water repellant jacket's the color should be dark green, black, dark gray etc anything that have a dark shade to it

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4. Purring on light/dark shades of makeup like red light lipstick or dark red lips, can also pick the the look, and light colored eye tint(For girls who are of pale or light shade of skin), and for black or darker girls put on more of beige, or brown tint on eye lids.

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5. Accessories like rings(Not colorful but deep colors), and black chokers, and loose neckalace, dark sun shades tbh

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6.Hoodies will bring out the bad girl look, use colors like white or black, or any dark colors tbh.

7. Hair type that will give the bad look, is side shaved hair, plated box braids, tight pony tails, afro, one tight braid, 2 pony tails, 2 braids.

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This is the bad girl look for fall tbh.
그 나쁜 여자, 좋은 마음으로.
Yahhh hehhe