A long afternoon had us debating whether or not to launch another crowdfunding campaign, since the last went so well (not). The last time we tried to do this, we had one or two books in the series, a ton of ideas and we didn't know quite what to do with them. This time, it's different. There are three printed books, two in progress; and a couple of other products for sale as well.

We've had to learn to execute faster that our ideas and compartmentalize them for an appropriate time. This bring me to the launch of our Indiegogo campaign we launched just today.

The Thandi's Trippy Trips campaign is meant to get us closer to our goal: " for Thandi's Trippy Trips to be a standard part of the childhood and family experience". We want to be able to get as many children's hands on it as possible. The eventual outcome is to be able to sell our books to people who can afford the, and without increasing our prices, be able to donate an extra book to an underprivileged public school and library. It is only through mass production that we can do this.

We have a number of perks - seven, to be exact.

Perk No 1.

You know how there's always those people who want to try something out to see if it has worked or to see their contribution to a big idea? Or people who just like to donate a little bit and see how the project progresses? If that describes you, this perk is designed for you. You receive a big Thank you! from us.

Perk No. 2.

Perk two may be a little bit cheapskate of us: A PDF of the book: Thandi's Trippy Trips Scotland.

Perk No. 3.

A copy of the first book we launched at Design Indaba Expo 2015; Thandi's Trippy Trips Scotland.

Perk No. 4.

You get two books in the Thandi's Trippy Trips Collection: Scotland and Paris full color paperbacks.

Perk No. 5.

A three-book-package of the books: Scotland, France and Nigeria.

Perk No 6.

Now, this is where it gets more fun. 3 books, 3 A3 posters.

Perk No. 7.

Our mega-backer receives a 3 books, 3 poster, 3 coloring storybooks. 9 items shipped to you.

We would really appreciate all your help.

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