Go To A Pumpkin Patch

pumpkin, autumn, and fall image fall, pumpkin, and autumn image autumn, pumpkin, and fall image pumpkin, fall, and Halloween image

Go To The Homecoming Football Game

friends, chandler, and monica image fashion, outfit, and style image football, fall, and autumn image aesthetic, fall, and field image

Bake Cookies

autumn, fall, and pumpkin image autumn, fall, and Cookies image autumn, cooking, and pumpkin image autumn, coffee, and fall image

Watch Hocus Pocus

witch, Halloween, and hocus pocus image autumn, fall, and Halloween image gif, hocus pocus, and Witches image 90s, Halloween, and movie image

Jump In A Pile Of Leaves

Temporarily removed autumn, cold, and color image autumn, fall, and leaves image autumn, fall, and leaves image

Have A Bonfire

fire, night, and bonfire image friends, beach, and summer image fire, friends, and marshmallow image fire, night, and forest image

Carve The Perfect Pumpkin

carving, Halloween, and pumpkin image ariel, art, and artistic image Halloween, pumpkin, and girl image pumpkin, autumn, and Halloween image

Burn Fall Candles

autumn, candle, and fall image autumn, fall, and sweater image candle, autumn, and fall image candle, fall, and autumn image

Roast Marshmallows

art, delicious, and food art image fire, lake, and marshmallow image autumn, fall, and fire image autumn, marshmallow, and october image

Dress Up For Halloween

Halloween, best friends, and costume image Halloween, makeup, and pirate image unicorn, Halloween, and makeup image Halloween, costume, and lilo image

Go Through A Corn Maze

autumn, maze, and chilly image autumn, bella, and blonde image corn, flannel, and grunge image corn, fall, and farm image

Go To A Haunted House

house, abandoned, and vintage image Inspiring Image on We Heart It house, home, and forest image creepy, interesting, and 🏠 image

Decorate For Fall

Halloween, pumpkin, and autumn image autumn, fall, and pumpkin image centerpiece, autumn decor, and home decor image autumn, fall decor, and bench image

Drink Apple Cider

apple, drink, and autumn image delicious, dessert, and food porn image drink, autumn, and apple cider image Temporarily removed

Go To A Street Fair

couple, love, and Relationship image sky, grunge, and pink image fair, festival, and festivals image couple, diversion, and DIA image

Bake Pumpkin Bread

autumn, fall, and pumpkin image bread, food, and pumpkin image autumn and pumpkin image bread, food, and pumpkin image

Go Star Gazing

stars, universe, and sky image sky, stars, and galaxy image stars, sky, and night image stars image

Make A Fall Wreath

autumn, wreath, and flowers image etsy, front door, and x image autumn, pumpkin, and fall image autumn, fall, and wreath image

This is my first article, and I know a lot of people are doing autumn-themed ones, but I figured it would be a good start. :) I really hope you liked it!