I really love the night. Better as the day.

Mostly you're asleep at night but think of all the people. What are they doing at night? Are they together? are they all alone? are they listening to music in the metro at 3 AM?
Maybe they are crying because of you or maybe they are fighting with the one they love.
Maybe they just stare out of the window thinking why you left them.

You'll never know.
But that's the sad part of the night.

Think of what happend before it all. Maybe they were at the greatest party ever or they were with friends/lovers. Then you have the people who just came home from work and are glad that they are finally home.

There can happen a lot at night. Maybe you get arrested because of that one crazy night. Later you will think that it was worth it what you did.
The part that you walk home with whoever and have those talks are the best. That will be my favorite part of the night.
it doesn't matter if you had alcohol or you sit at a dinner eating.

But hé, maybe you are just asleep. It's your night.

''I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.'' - Vincent van Gogh