Dear followers,dear readers,
First thing I want to say is that I am really excited that I am able to express myself not only with pictures but through words as well.I really like writing because in that way I am more expressionable and understandable.Anyway,today I am writing some facts about me so continue reading this,if you care to know some things about me!!!!!!
~My name is Eva(from the Greek Evangelia meaning good news),I am from Greece and I am almost 16 years old!!(my birthday is in 10 October and I am a Libra)
~I was first introduced to We Heart It by a friend of mine and made an official account during the late spring-beginning of summer of 2015.
~Regarding music I like everything that makes me feel happy and relaxed but artists I really like are Melanie Martinez,Linkin Park,Fall out Boy(a bit),Lana del Rey,Skrillex,Martin Garrix and music from anime.I also like nightcore,though rarely listening to it.

cry baby linkin park

~My favourite song of all times is Believe by Cher but the song that speaks the most to my soul is probably Alive by Sia.
~I am a cat person.It is not that I do not like dogs(not that I am heads over wheels for them) but I am afraid of them.Just like Kagami from Kuroko no Basket.

cat, cute, and animal image

~Now that I mentioned Kuroko no Basket,I will say that I am huge anime fan,that is an otaku.I really really love anime because they have some pretty interesting plots and because they have been an escape for me. Some favourite are,from what I have seen so far, Kuroko no Basket,Bungou Stray Dogs,Hunter x Hunter and Shokugeki no Soma. Also,I love yaoi!!!

Akashi Superthumb Superthumb hunter x hunter

~My first anime ever was Diabolik Lovers,something that a friend recommended to me!!Honestly,I am really grateful to her for getting me into another world.<3
~My top husbando is Hanamiya Makoto from Kuroko no Basket.I just love him,although he is the trashiest trash❤️

anime, tongue, and fanart image

~As a character something I would like to say is that I am extremely shy and do not open up easily.Plus,people always say that I have a really satanic laugh.I do not know how I should feel about this¯\_(ツ)_/¯
~My personal quotes are:"Sweets are justice"(yeah,I know stolen from Murasakibara) and "What's better than watching anime?"(a different edition of Nakajima Atsushi's personal quote)
~I love rain and generally cloudy days,hot chocolates and the comfort of my own house.I aspire to be a psychologist,travel a lot and have a septum!!
~I am wearing a black pair of glasses!Actually,I have 7-8 degrees of myopia..XD
Umm,I do not know if I have to write something else...I do not have any special talent whatsoever but damn it I can make you laugh🤗

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