1. Pimples, Bumps etc, put witch hazel, or apple cider on with a cotton ball or cotton swab

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2.If you have any dark scars or dark spots, put some bleach cream on it to make it fade faster or put some apple cider on it with a clean cotton ball.

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3. For a shimmer, and glossy look, over that put some of you favorite creams, or oils on your face(Not all over doe).

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3. For more of a bronze look, put some little bit of bronze color to your cheek bones, and eye lids(If yu don't have dark eye lids), for more of a nymph look to it.

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4.Fore more soft skin, use coco butter or shea butter for your face, it will be smooth, and soft though.

Those are some feminine hygienic, and natural things to use for you skin, if you can't afford the expensive face care things, natural is better tbh.