Hi guys! My first article will be really short and it's dedicated only for greeting you all. I also wanted to tell you how much of a great community you have been for all of these years that I'm here. So much inspiration, great photos and now this briliant idea! It will shorely be a bleast. One thing more - I want to play a little game with you all. It doesn't matter if you follow me or not, I'm open for all of yours good ideas. Since I want to write and communicate with you but I don't have an idea for the title of my first article I want all of you to help me pick. Just send me a message with your idea, title or plan and I will write about them, one by one. So come on, be spontaneous and brave! There are so many things that we can talk about: traveling, love, fashion, tips, friends, life and much more... I'm waiting for your challenges!