hello! as you probably already know, weheartit came out with this new function so i wanted to give it a try. this is my first article, yayy!

i always wanted to start a blog, and this is kind of a way to do it, i guess. i am aware that my english isn't the best (i'm actually from austria, in case you're wondering) but i'm giving my best.

here are a few facts about meee!

  • my name is caroline
  • i'm 16 years old
  • i'm from austria
  • i enjoy drawing & dancing
  • i love music
  • i'm obsessed with youtube
  • i'm interested in fashion & beauty & interior design

so yeaah...
if you're still reading this: woah, thank you! anyways, i'm going to try to post as often as i can, hopefully once a week. i'll probably write about beauty fashion lifestyle interior food related things, so stay tuuuned! :D

xoxo caro