These are some books that are so immersive & amazing that you can't help but fall in love with them.

  • My favorite series ever: A Court of Thorns & Roses, a story of a young girl, who saved her family from starvation, and then becomes so powerful, that she saves nations. A girl who has so much sass, who is so badass in every way, and doesn't stand down for any man. It's really female empowering, but its also so beautiful and heartbreaking that the plot twists never end.
  • Shadow & Bone, part of the Grisha trilogy. This amazing series of an orphan girl and boy who face against all odds and end up being each others greatest assets. <3 To die for, this is an epic action romance.
  • The Lunar chronicles, these books are a badass twist of the original fairly tales like cinderella, red riding hood, and snow white where the female is powerful and capable of saving so many. This is so full of action, and passion, and power, it's a series we ALL need in our lives!
  • Six of crows, this is a book thats so different from all the others it tells the story of six people who are completely different to come to do an impossible thing, and in the process, amazing relationships are born.
  • Darkest powers series, this series is about a girl who has powers she doesn't understand and gets sent to a group home, and must run away before she and her friends end up dead. It's an amazing series where a young average girl finds out she is strong and powerful.