omg ok. I knew there was a LR comeback coming, I just ddn't know it was today????
And I'm so happy because this unit of Leo and Ravi are my biases from VIXX, and their last album BeautifulLiar was sO GOOD.

Image by May Ann

So their comeback is called Whisper. When I looked at the thumbnail I aready went ??lkASLKKLAKLFLKLLDSFÇK

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(That's the feeling)

The song has a really different vibe from Beautiful Liar, it's happier and more aggitated.

As for the MV, yES I LOVED IT. Past half this year, there's been a wave of LGBT representation in kpop MVs, and I think everyone should support those songs .

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kpop, Leo, and whisper image

I'm looking forward for the live version, because the pieces of dance showed in the MV look so cool!!

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That's it for now, hope you enjoy the song and the video! Here's the link for Whisper:

See ya~!
- Iggie