Theoretically the universe is constantly expanding. Does that mean the universe will expand so far out that it will turn into nothing? If so, would the big bang happen again? Imagine if this theory was correct. How many times has the big bang occurred ? I like to think that if this actually happened then the question of an alternate universe is answered. Maybe I have already lived this day in a previous life. Maybe everything that is happening right now has already happened. Maybe life didn't get this far. Maybe it got further. Maybe this is why sometimes people claim they remember doing things that have happened before.And what if every time this occurs something is changed to make the universe better. What if everything that we imagine has happened or will happen at some stage but just not in this universe. Or what if our universe is only a tiny part of a massive universe and what we call a big bang occurs every few minutes or days or months or even seconds. And what if when we die we are born again in another universe which is why some people can remember things from a previous life? What if everything we think we know is just a tiny percentage of the actual answer to the question that everyone has asked. Where did it all start?