But how can you stop a heart from burning!? How do you stop yourself from falling apart!? When for the first time in your life someone has looked into your eyes and recognised that you are tired. And your eyes they are drowning in the ocean of love, because they are so tired they can't swim it anymore. This agony you are going through, you try and share it, you try and live with it ,but it keeps breaking you inside out. And what can you do!? Stand aside and hope that miraculously one day everything will be good, he is going to leave everything behind and say you can stop hurting now. And you wait and wait and you hope in vain while every second, minute, day goes by and you are still tired. Because the miracle you are waiting for will never happen. And all the signs warning you of the hell coming ahead were not a test of your bravery, just a warning that immeasurable pain is awaiting you on the other side of the door you are opening.

Hi Everyone,
So I wrote this a while ago when i was stuck in an impossible love. I hope you like it, I am sorry if you don't. Please don't judge too hard, these are just my feelings that I have been wanting to share for quite some time now.