don't judge a man until you've walked two moons in his moccasins.

i read walk two moons for the first when i was about 9 or 10 i believe. i had to pick a book to read in school and my sister had read it previously and said that it was good so i decided to give it a read. and boy, did i fall in love.

walk two moon, by sharon creech, is about a 13 year old native american girl, salamanca, who is on a road trip with her grandparents to see her mother who had died. on the way to where sal's mother is resting, she shares stories about her life after her and her father moves from burbank, kentucky to euclid, ohio.

i won't give too much away because i do suggest everyone to read this book if you haven't already. but i will talk about some of my favorites parts.

walk two moons has some different themes; love, heartbreak, friendships, and mystery. one of my favorite parts of the entire book is the relationship between sal and ben, mary lou's cousin. i just find the relationship so adorable and my 9 year old self was screeching and rooting for their relationship. everyone who read the book could tell that ben liked sal, he just went about it odd ways. such as the first time he met her, he teases her about her name, saying it sounds like salamander, and her long hair but before sal leaves the house, he kisses her collarbone. then a little while later, on the way to the convince store, one of mary lou's younger cousins runs into sal, causing her to fall and ben catches her. he holds onto her for awhile, much to sal's dismay, and then teases her about flinching whenever someone touches her. although the relationship is little odd at first, it gets a lot cuter as the book progresses.

another one of my favorite parts is the mystery element. i'm a sucker for anything mystery related ever since i was a small child, and this book doesn't lack in that aspect. i can't give too much away but i will say, you won't be disappointed when you read this book.

i really need to figure out how to organize my thoughts better. but in conclusion, walk two moons is a great "coming of age" novel you could say. it's very emotional but it also has the light humor every now and then to keep it a little light hearted. i would be lying if i said i didn't cry at least once, i feel like death is a key theme in this novel so it will tear at your heart strings, but it's totally worth it.

i could talk about this book for hours upon hours but i don't want to give the whole book away. i hope i have encouraged you to read or re-read walk two moons. it is and always will be my favorite book, it has such a beautiful story and powerful, heart-wrenching message. if you read walk two moon, you will definitely enjoy it.

thank you for reading and i hope you enjoyed!