Hi hearters ! So this is my second article. To the first article I will put a link down bellow, at the end of this.

Sooo, I want to write about my favorite books. But, before this, thank you WHI for this cool feature. I believe that I'll make mooore articles like this. More of my articles will be about my interests and likes, something from my collections.

Sooo, let's do this !!

Miss Peregrine Series by Ransom Riggs

There are three books with creepy images. For me was a relaxing time when I read these books. To be honest, I have the last book to be read which is Library of souls , but I think that that book will be the best from this trilogy.
Jacob Portman is sent on a abandoned island after a tragedy (the death of his grandfather) where he finds that there was a house where Abraham (his grandfather) lived with a lot of kids which have powers and they were called peliculars . With his visit, Jacob finds that house and he entered in a whole new world. He meets Emma Bloom, Abraham ex girlfriend, and fall in love with her, but with her was eight more kids. On that island, he finds that his psychologist were a demon. He killed Dr. Golan, but that psycologist makes Miss Peregrine transform in a bird. In the second book, Jacob with Emma, and all the pelicular children goes in a weird adevnture to find help to transform Miss Peregrine in human.

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Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
I read the first book from her trilogy, and a little bit from the second which is entitled Glass Sword , and the last one King's Cage.
This book is a war between the persons with red blood, and the other human with silver blood.
In the first book, a seventeen years old girl, Mare Barrow, finds that she was never a person just with red blood. She meets Cal Tiberias, an future king. She doesn't know that she is in love with he, but that doesn;t matter because she is sorted to marry Maven, brother in law with Cal. She entered in a rebel group called Guardian Scout (sorry, it may not be the true name, but I'm romanian girl, and I read in my language the books so I don't know what is the name of that group).

I can't say anything of these books because the article wil be very long after this, so I planned to make an individual article for these series.

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Accident Season by Moira Fowley Doyle
This isn't a fantasy book like the others. Is one more psycology, and I don't know in what catgory can be this book, but I loved it so much.
One girl, her sister, her best friend, and her brother in law are haunted by this Accident Season with break bones. But this not the whole story. Cara finds that a friend of her dissappear and nobody else know her friend. A bewitching, dark and beautiful debut novel about a girl living in the shadow of a mysterious curse.

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So this is a part of my list of books I love. And sorry for my english. Hope you can understand my writting.

All my kisses and hugs for you, guys !
xoxo, deea.

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