It's a pretty scary world if you think about it. You get to know nobody and nobody will truly know you. And you die with an undiscovered treasure inside of you just because you knew no one would give a damn about your thoughts. And even if they did, things would get messed up. Feeling always ruin everything and you end up powerless in your own body, incapable of saving yourself from this hopeless process of living where everything is lost. Sometimes you see a little spark of light and may think "That's it. I have found the meaning of life". But in the next moment the light is gone and you remain old in this endless game of uncovering the mystery of life. You may bring your hands together in a little prayer or your hand may get cold from the beer you're holding at a party but your soul shall remain untouched by what we call external life. You are your inner self. Be there, let the spark inside of you light the way to the best hiding spot for your treasure. And maybe one day someone would step upon it on their way of finding themselves or, better yet, they will choose the same spot for burying theirs.