So well hello you,

I think I've never met you and you never met me too. I'll hope by writing this article you'll get to know me and get the feeling that you did in fact met me. Here we go then I guess..


My name is Tessa and it this time I am 18 years and 52 days old. I am studying Fashion Business Management which is very self-explanatory. At least it is for me. It is just basically something you study after high school with 'fashion' as the mainsubject. This doesn't mean I am always wearing the latest fashion trends, I do love to wear a sweater with pants too... just like everyone else.


So yea I was born in 1999 and I am a millenial, which is great!!! People always tend to make jokes about millenials. 'Millenials are so lazy and always on there phone, millenials are so basic, millenials do and own things we did/had' etc. etc. Well fuck that, Isn't it an honour that we like to relive the things you did when you were younger? And that 'phonething' , what is the problem? hy would you focus on this so much... I can't remember a moment I disrespected someone because I was on my phone? Plus this is how we communicate to the people we actually like and love talking to, where we actually put effort in. I think there is nothing wrong with that, is it?


Ok, let's move on now. I live in The Netherlands, this really small country in Europe. But I think you'll know it once I mention 'Amsterdam', which is not JUST only a city to get high, drink and go to see the prostituees, but I'll talk about that later when I know you a little bit better ;). Let's just take it slow and we'll get to know eachother step by step.

So this is it for right now, I hope you got to know me a tiny bit better. I'll come back as soon as possible with other posts xxxx a tiny kiss on the nose from me to you