with you were where This is what you probably would like to agree with with you were where I mean to be with you were where
This is the site and the site that deals with any case with you were where As I declare that my pictures are about any topic of love and so onI love you all very much If you talk about love, the woman knows more than the man speaks." I would like to have a rosette of every girl in the world and only one of these bouquets ... It is destroyed mentally and emotionally. But still happy to walk because she is all familiar with a girl who laughs at all:
Loyalty is a gift. Perhaps the most useful and pleasant ... at this time you are proud of yourself. You can not learn loyalty, you can not buy it. You have to be in this spirit. Or you are loyal, or no!
When someone is hurt ... gaqenebs pain and would suffer, just close your eyes and smile ... smile, even if it means suffering eyes, tears filled ... then to have given you the power of the people ... into a pain to joy, then you are When you can forgive . statuse of gaison is gonna be a gem
Feel so sad that you will feel sad ... fight so strongly that the fate of the defeat can defeat you. Love you so frankly that you hate the way you live ... Live so well that you will die for your death.Sometimes I do not even know that I'm a pain ... why not because I'm not a single adult? ) I do not think that people are always experiencing tiredness at different times! Sometimes it's not the way they are being beaten up .. I'm gonna be merely because I understand and understand what is humiliation ... I do not mean pain in the way that is not a morph ... The opposite of the pain is the easiest thing to do ... but I find it hard to do Help me or who )) I am 13 years old but what a lot of times I have a baby pounding,

once a boy picks up. How many times did I lose ... what am I missing ... what did you get me wrong?
Time goes on time and your heart does not stop you thinking but you know you are unforgettable in my life!
You have a good night's eyes, you will love me till the death of you, what
time will you pass ... and you will be alien to someone who loved you at one time ...
I wish you happiness ... and wait ... and wait!
I love him for a sad moment, beautiful childhood,
and I know where you are, my dream is my life I swear I dream in the heavens of the heavens God is a witness that I love you very much
after every great pain, inevitable calmness will come
When the girl boy plays music, it sounds like the words in this music, what he wanted to tell the boy ... the
years I do not have where I'm ... I came back to you ... I went
back to Natakhn.
I love you when I see you look, then the sunshine looks and smiles If you are looking for love, look for someone to take away from you.
It is better to get to know and to love than to fall in love with you.
Love is a kind of disease that has deteriorated from medicine.
No one will be punished like the one who does not sacrifice his love. 1) I've been thinking many times in my life, but it's not okay if I love you and lose it, but I'm not happy for a moment

If you love him, give him freedom and if he returns he loves you too

Love is when you do not want to go to bed, because reality is better than dream.

Give me some reasons to love me.

If love is not a game then why are there so many players around?

They love true love in all parts of the world.

Nothing is painful when you realize that he will do everything for you and you do not have anything for him.

Love is like a salmon when you want to get it back

You know that I love you, I know you will care for me when you need me to be with you.

Live, love and learn

If your love is a mistake, I do not want to be right.

Love is like a glass wreath, if you are too grateful to be in the hands of your hands, if you are too mild, you will fall and be broken.

Why love a romantic love when he is always dying.

Love is like a fruit, it may look good, but it should not be broken until it is ripe.

I love the sun by day, moon night, and you are always there.

We breathe together ... and we are together .. We have one heart .. Not even us ...

I want to live with you all the time, I want to go with you to the earth.

I'm never "at your" level ... I have my "height" you've never been able to
Come to you ....

Wherever you love, you do not get tired of lying there, where you do not like to break into a cup of lying, where you love the rivers to each other, where you love the sound of music from the sky ... And how do I want to be there They love you

I said to you, tell me that you can not get me and never will be able to flee from you ..

Please! I love you ... and by this wish I'm going to the whole world!

I'm playing over-stupid already,
I declare all the voices annulled,
The demand is not in the market of smart,
I'll be smart too
The sadness is in the tired eyes when the mockclar and when i think about it ..

Looking for the place where my heart is .......

I'm not something in the world ... I want to be in nature, in jaundice, I want a lot of leafs
And a nice song I'd like to remember, I missed the lost time .. I want to get back to you today what do I see? I wiped out on this day and I would have been a funny, bright girl again ou are in the world, I'm glad that you have it! <3

Forgive me today you are someone else's

:) )) . I'll let you <3 Back No one can come back like a flick on the ground in the sky can not go back to snowflakes: ||

Modi just do one another ... ♥

. The smile is a mask of my sad soul ... so I'm not worried about the country ... 6. I do not feel

this feeling more than that ... when you believe me and be happy and suddenly everything seems like Dream was a dream!

I just want to kiss and feel happy with this smile.

.ertkhel, my chamomile will say to me- '' Suu '... <3

.ubralod know! That I would have to be grateful to God for you. <3 Boy:
You are my most beautiful girl ... girl: back to back there are more
beautiful girls than me ... The boy looked there two elderly ladies stood there ... girl: that
love would not turn back

... Love sheet rose to the gentle, strong fire, Glass Candle in the fragile and pure "...

" Regret is the most useless thing in the world. If that could happen, we would all be saints who are perfect It is also a place in the museum.Watch the Ideas !!! Before you catch it.
I'm cigarette smile cigarettes .... and I collect the brothers ... I do not love the truth I'm honestly looking for justice ... I'm looking for justice and my enemies ... I have a mother I have a family I have a little family .... life is a bad way ... Neither the thief nor the thief ... neither the artist nor the artist ... I live by the lawful law now ... and this law has become lawful. People do not speak, nor do I ask from anyone else ... And whoever sees me "I'm going to be like it" No one is cool .. "I'm hungry ... all the time was when I was smiling" mela "I'm a wolf and i have to find the lashes .. I will fall short, I will not find it ... I love love only for that I live in If you ever look down on people who find it difficult to find and love them, they may fall below us, but they will end up with us in love, and no matter how much love their love can be.
Frequently write such statements that criticize others for not knowing friendship, love, and other values, I never wrote something like this, but it's so boring to tell everyone that it's easy: if they're gleaning others, they can not learn friendships or love And no other values, but in criticism even more knowledge And they will increase: *
If a man says that he does not know anything about women, ie. In women it is already clear that a

well-groomed girl never walks to the boys - is it anyone seen that the trap mice to follow?

Only we can do it: 20 minutes to make a make-up, break out the mirror for 2 minutes and then leave everythingHope of others, people and the country are in trouble.
Luck over someone's luck, it's better than his own.
You will be damaging to someone else.
If you can not see the greatness of others, you can not do anything.
No one is worried yet.
You should be careful not to lose your own.
In the hands of someone else should never be a weapon, even against a negative person.
The greatest enemy of mankind was not in the laziness.
Kindness is good for me.
Kindness to the wicked, the good way of turning to goodness.
Goodness protects us from evil.
Kindness, the greater the more appreciated it is.
If you have received kindness, kindness should be paid.
Kindness is in the business and there is no end.
Wisdom mentions a person spirituallyNone of the seconds without Christ !!!

There is no more precious drugs in the world than when you feel the love from the precious man !!!

If we will never be together, believe and believe that our hearts will never forget one another ...

We are looking for something and can not find anything !!!

Time can not cure unhealthy pains !!!

Even those thoughts that I think of you ...

You are my everything!

The sun is mine!
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Friendship - I believe you have never endured one another. Just like love, one word for him, one touch is enough. The loss of the deafness after which the deafness of the sorrows is behind you

❀ true friend is the one who will turn to you when others turn back
❀ A friend can not win a victory If you fail
❀ friend no one will ever change
❀ friend is the man who is not afraid Who you are
♥ You promised me eternal love ...- But when you smiled girl's body burst

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